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Product code: PBA2697
Minimum order: 50 pcs
Date of delivery: 3 - 5 weeks

Dimensions and packaging
Printing options
A 2-in-1, stylish and easy-to-store power bank that can also help in emergencies and serve as an external battery. Thanks to its size it can also be kept in a small purse, and will give you the freedom to go wherever you want without needing to constantly search for power sockets and bring chargers. It allows you to recharge your devices without access to the power grid. The practical fan is a great boon, especially on hot summer days. The capacity of the built-in power bank is 2600 mAh. You can recharge your phone and at the same time make use of the fan - or activate just one of these two functions.
Battery type: 1st grade lithium ion cells

Battery capacity: 2600 mAh

Full charges of a standard mobile phone battery (3000 mAh): 0.75 x

Connectivity: micro USB (input), USB A (output)

Input voltage and current: DC 5 V / 1 A

Output voltage and current: DC 5 V / 1 A

Capacity display: no

Material: plastic + TPE

Fan: capacity per change: over 10 h

Dimensions: 156 × 32 × 32 mm
Weight: 130 g
Standard box: On request
Dimensions of the box: On request
Weight including the box: 156 g
Packaging information: On request
HS code: On request
Printing options 1 colour printing / 1 position
2 colours printing / 1 position
3 colours printing / 1 position
4 colours printing / 1 position
Printing material ABS
Maximum printing dimensions (front): 70 × 10 mm
Maximum printing dimensions (back): 70 × 10 mm
Available capacities
Available colors

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