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Product code: PBNB500
Minimum order: 100 pcs
Date of delivery: 3 - 5 weeks

Dimensions and packaging
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You can keep your notes and a charged mobile phone by your side at all times thanks to this practical wireless power notebook, which contains an external charger. The high-quality boards of the notepad are equipped with a built-in power bank. With it you will be able to charge wirelessly, and if your mobile device does not allow this option, you can use the built-in 3in1 cable with USB micro, Type-C and Lightning connectors. The closing buckles include a practical and small USB flash drive, where you can store more necessary data. You can adapt the style of the pages in the notebook however you like and choose either a classic pad, your own customer content or, for example, a diary. You can equip the notebook with the power bank and USB flash drive with a printing or embossing according to your wishes. But we definitely recommend using the unique LED logo for branding!
Available capacities
8000mAh + 8GB
8000mAh + 32GB
8000mAh + 16GB
Available colors
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