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Product code: PBNB601
Minimum order: 100 pcs
Date of delivery: 3 - 5 weeks

Dimensions and packaging
Printing options
A perfect aid, and not just for managers! You will appreciate this high-quality notepad in boards with a built-in wireless power bank on the road and in the office. The solid boards include a power bank with a capacity of 6000 mAh with a classic USB port and with a built-in cable. You can choose from several types of connectors: USB micro, Type-C and Lightning. Inside the boards you will find a notepad, diary or we can insert your choice of content. All according to what you happen to need. The power notebook can include a USB flash drive or pen (16 or 32 GB). In combination with any printing, you get an effective and, thanks to the compact size, extremely practical device for day-to-day work, where you can easily charge your mobile device while planning your tasks.
Notebook power bank for charging smartphones (Android), iPhones, Windows Phones, iPads and tablets (Android), and also a wide spectrum of electronic devices (cameras, video cameras, navigation devices, portable electronics, e-cigarettes, e-readers, portable games consoles, etc.)

Battery type: Class A lithium polymer

Battery capacity: 6000 mAh

Full charges of a standard mobile phone battery (3000 mAh) through the USB output: around 1.7 x

Connectivity: micro USB (input), microUSB, USB Type-C, Apple Lightning (built-in output cables)

Input voltage and current: USB DC 5 V / 1 A or USB DC 5 V / 2 A

Output voltage and current: USB DC 5 V / 1 A, or USB DC 5 V / 2 A

Capacity display: LED diodes

Optional expansion: Qi standard wireless output, 5 W (5 V / 1 A), pen with USB flash drive or USB stick with flash drive with memory capacity 16 GB or 32 GB

Material: textile or PU

Dimensions: 187 × 120 mm
Weight: On request
Standard box: On request
Dimensions of the box: On request
Weight including the box: On request
Packaging information: On request
HS code: On request
Printing options debossing
Printing material textile
PU (polyurethan)
Maximum printing dimensions (front): On request
Maximum printing dimensions (back): On request
Available capacities
6000mAh + 8GB
6000mAh + 16GB
6000mAh + 32GB
Available colors

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