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Product code: SSD001
Minimum order: 50 pcs, less on request
Date of delivery: 2 - 4 weeks

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A portable external SSD is the ideal aid for transferring large volumes of data. Our model also protects the user’s data with the aid of a numerical key (a PIN code) - the drive will not connect the computer at all unless the user enters the correct code! The external drive is connected to a computer via USB 3.0 interface - transfer speeds thus reach 300-400 MB/s (read) or 100-180 MB/s write. Even large files such as high definition videos can be copied to and from the drive in a matter of seconds. SSD (solid state drive) technology, as opposed to so-called hard disk drives, allows on the one hand for high transfer speeds and on the other hand - thanks to the absence of delicate mechanical components (read heads) - it is more resistant to mechanical damage and last but not lease, it allows for smaller overall product size. These parameters are ideal for portable storage devices with capacity far exceeding that of USB flash drives. The interface is compatible with USB 2.0.
Available capacities
HDD/SSD 3.0 | 120GB
HDD/SSD 3.0 | 240GB
HDD/SSD 3.0 | 480GB
HDD/SSD 3.0 | 960GB
Available colors
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