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Product code: BRA040
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A high-quality smart watch in an elegant design is the ideal aid to maintaining your physical condition. It is able to measure your electrocardiogram with medical accuracy (the chip performs calculation of values) and show this on the display as well as measuring heart rate variability (the HRV index). It does of course measure physical load (number of steps taken, distance travelled and calories burnt). It also monitors optimum sleep quality and measures your heart rate using the PPG method. It is also able to determine blood pressure, oxygen saturation in the body and the user’s level of fatigue. The clear next generation application Wearheart ensures management of measurements and calculation of values together with other useful functions. With the aid of the measured values, the application creates a useful overall summary of the user’s physical health. In combination with the watch, the application provides the user with useful warnings when they remain sitting down for too long, monitors fluid intake and is able to display notifications on the watch about incoming calls, text message received and notifications from various application such as social networks. With the aid of the GPS module in a mobile telephone, the application is also able to upload running routes to a map enabling you to share your sporting performances with friends. The watch is water resistant and dust resistant in line with the IP66 standard.
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