Benefits of registration

What will you gain if you register on the Promoteus website?

Every registered customer gains a whole range of benefits. And because this is still not enough, we are always working to prepare new ones.

After you complete the registration form and the data is verified, you will be informed by mail of your account activation and can get started right away.

Create offers online

Save time. Turn the endless hours dedicated to creating offers into minutes, and spend your time doing something more fun instead.

By registering, you gain access to a unique offer calculator. You simply add products or whole product categories that interest you or your customer to your basket, and with a couple of clicks create a quote that you can directly forward to your customer. You can have your own logo, text and retail price in this document. The calculator will calculate not only the price for the given quantity for you, but also the price of printing and transportation to the client.

Bonus program

Registration gains you the possibility to take advantage of the bonus programme through which you collect points for each order you make. You can then simply exchange your points. Choose from many great gifts, samples or sample kits, or use your points to get discounts on products. After logging in, you can see the balance on your bonus account and everything you can exchange your points for at any time.

Marketing support

By registering, you gain many marketing benefits. You will regularly receive news about hi-tech gifts. Our experts will provide you with regular training about new hi-tech gadgets in our offer. You will receive sophisticated training materials, including product presentations. You will also have the opportunity to use our professional support when dealing with your clients. Last but not least, you will also be able to place our specialized customer online catalogue - in your own design with your own contacts - on your website.

You will also be able to order catalogues, samples and sample kits.


Every year we release an original catalogue with carefully selected IT products suitable for advertising and more. As a registered customer, you will be able to order the catalogue with your own personalized envelope or get neutral catalogues.


In the field of IT gifts, where it is important that the product not only looks good but also works well, samples are often a key benefit for getting an order. This is why we continuously expand our offer of samples and whole sample kits. As a registered customer, you can borrow, buy online or exchange samples and sample kits for points earned through the bonus programme.

And much more

We know that a successful partnership has to be nurtured, so we are always working on ourselves and want to offer only the best. In the near future, we are planning to expand our services to include:

Order tracking - We are planning to introduce into the client zone online tracking of the whole course of an order, from confirmation through to delivery to the final destination. This will mean that you can easily see the status of your orders - whether all the necessary materials have been approved and whether everything is going to plan.

Graphic designs online - Imagine that you can create - simply and online - a custom client offer, including the graphic design, in a matter of minutes.