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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our company is aware of the indisputable importance of corporate social responsibility, and we consider it an integral part of our corporate culture. 
We consider taking a responsible approach in the economic, social and environmental areas essential.

Economic area

Our business is completely transparent. We seek to maintain our traditionally high-quality relationships with our customers and suppliers as well as with the authorities to the maximum extent possible. We also place great emphasis on respect for intellectual property protection.


Social area

We make sure we comply with labour standards and strictly adhere to the rules we have set in our Code of Ethics
We seek to motivate and support our employees through the most varied benefits and activities. 
We also support society-wide social projects - you can find more info in the We help section.




Environmental area

We continuously work to minimize the negative impacts of our activities on the environment. 
Careful waste sorting and packaging sourced from recycled materials is a matter of course. The manufacture of our own products from recycled, recyclable and natural materials has increased significantly in recent years, and indeed to the greatest extent possible. By raising awareness in this sector, we have had a positive impact on our clients and brought awareness of new possibilities and technologies to the market, thanks to which every client can have fully tailor-made “ECO friendly” gifts. See the Sustainabilitysection for more.