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Give your amazing gifts the packaging they deserve! It is after all the first thing your customers or employees will see. It should leave a good impression that will be associated with your brand. There are a plethora of ways to pack a gift product. Don’t shy away from letting your imagination run wild, or let our salespeople advise you and recommend the optimal packaging.


Customer boxes and sleeves
We can create unique packaging, 100% in your colours, for all our products.
This can mean gift cardboard boxes, printed paper boxes, or so-called “sleeves” we apply over standard boxes. The effect is always great and will take the perceived value of the gift to the next level. The boxes can be combined with a transparent window making the product inside clearly visible.

ECO boxes
The current ECO trend is clear: more and more companies want to declare via their promotional gifts that they are not indifferent to the future of the environment. ECO packaging is the expected standard for gifts made of ECO materials. We also offer these solutions for all our other products. These are usually bags and boxes made of recycled paper, cardboard, RPET (recycled PET plastic), bamboo or wood. We achieve the perfect effect when we supplement the box with an engraved logo or print, of course using ECO ink.

Foil frames
A fantastic, clean design. A versatile and extremely effective solution for packing smaller items. The elastic foil in the frame tightly hugs the inserted product, highlights its shape and adds a shine to the edges and surfaces. The plastic frame can also be printed with a company logo. After the product is removed, the foil in the frame will return to its original state, making our box suitable for reuse with other items.

Metal boxes
Durable packaging suitable for small metal objects and much more. The all-metal boxes offer a large surface for branding. On the other hand, variants with a transparent window make the gift item inside immediately visible. They leave a first-class impression, particularly in combination with laser engraving, but can also be complemented with a classic print.

Plastic and acrylic boxes 
The main advantage is that they are mostly transparent (acrylic) or semi-transparent (PP), so you can immediately see what is inside. They are durable and can be supplemented with a magnetic latch for closing. They are often complemented by a soft foam or EVA filling with a cut-out exactly trimmed to your gift. And you can of course also apply a print to the box.

Printed paper boxes
Cheap and functional packaging for every product. Supplementing the printed paper box with a logo or a full-area print significantly improves the overall impression made by the gift. Interest in recycled paper boxes is currently growing fast. 

Bags, cases and envelopes
We usually use these cheapest solutions as basic packaging for cheaper and hand-out items. 
We can choose from several materials, such as PP (polypropylene), paper, recycled paper, textiles or RPET (recycled PET plastic). A logo can also be applied to some variants.