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Product code: LCD011
Minimum order: 50 pcs
Date of delivery: 4 - 5 weeks

Dimensions and packaging
Printing options
Video brochure (video booklet) - digital presentation of a new generation! This hi-tech presentation will certainly attract attention of your clients. LCD display integrated into a luxury presentation folder, which is printed with your design. After opening, the video files start to play in a loop, the files can also be started with individual buttons. The variant where individual buttons start the same video, but in different language versions is also popular. The sound is played from an integrated speaker or from headphones. Volume control buttons can be added. Excellent as a company or product presentation, effective invitation to events or an original PF. The videos can be played and replaced with other ones, the rechargeable battery enables long-term use of video brochures.
Display size: 7" LCD display, 155×87 mm

Resolution: 800×480

Presentation size (closed): A7 to A4

Video format: AVI

Switching on/off: magnetic switch

Power supply, internal lithium battery, 1400 mAh

Interface: mini USB

Accessories: USB => mini USB kabel for power supply and data transfer

Possibility to add a headphone output

Battery life: up to 2 hours of playing, standby up to 3 months

Buttons: max. 6×, 4 for videos, 2 for volume

Dimensions and print as specified by the customer

Approximate video length at the memory capacity of:

128 MB - 5 minutes

256 MB - 10 minutes

512 MB - 20 minutes

1 GB - 35-40 minutes

2 GB - 60 minutes

4 GB - 90-120 minutes

Dimensions: 210 × 148 × 12 mm
Weight: 335 g
Standard box: On request
Dimensions of the box: On request
Weight including the box: 353 g
Packaging information: On request
HS code: On request
Printing options Full colour printing (also full size) / 2 positions (flat surface)
Printing material paper
Maximum printing dimensions (front): On request
Maximum printing dimensions (back): On request
Available capacities
2.0 | 128MB
2.0 | 256MB
2.0 | 512MB
2.0 | 1GB
2.0 | 2GB
2.0 | 4GB
Available colors CUSTOM
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