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Product code: UDM1163
Minimum order: 50 pcs
Date of delivery: 2 - 4 weeks

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Small, easy to store and very handy. This retractable plastic USB flash drive is all of this and also comes with a practical artificial leather strap. Thanks to robust plastic design, this USB flash drive is very light and compact. Contacts are protected against dirt when retracted and the drive can be slid out with a conventional slider. You can choose from the conventional transfer speed 2.0 or the faster 3.0. The artificial leather strap keeps the flash drive in place so you reduce the risk of losing it. The original appearance complements the look of the whole USB drive. Several colours are available, perfect for addition of a print of your brand, logo or lettering to improve the look.
Available capacities
2.0 | 1GB
2.0 | 2GB
2.0 | 4GB
2.0 | 8GB
2.0 | 16GB
2.0 | 32GB
2.0 | 64GB
3.0 | 8GB
3.0 | 16GB
3.0 | 32GB
3.0 | 64GB
3.0 | 128GB
Available colors
This product is in the categories: USB FLASH DRIVES ROTATING AND RETRACTABLE