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Another Bluetooth gadget for your smartphone, iPhone or tablet, works like a bilateral alarm in cases when the receiver is too far away from the mobile telephone (approx. 25 m). If the receiver is attached to your child’s coat, your dog’s collar, your keys, rucksack or wallet and you move too far away from it, the iTracing mobile application will inform you by emitting a sound signal. Conversely, if you forget your mobile phone somewhere, the receiver will notify you that its partner has disappeared. The button can also be used as a remote camera shutter release or as your mobile phone’s dictaphone rec/stop button. You can also use it to record your last position in the map application and then easily find your parked car for instance. All models can be attached as a key tag. These devices will operate on stand-by for over 6 months due to low energy requirements. System requirements: iOS 5.0 (iPhone, iPad), Android 4.3 and higher, Bluetooth 4.0.