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Bonus Program Rules

Bonus Program Rules

The bonus program is operated by 1000KOZ s.r.o., with its registered office at Býšovská 807/8, 153 00 Prague 5, Company ID 29018129, Czech Republic (hereinafter the “Operator”).

For the purposes of the Bonus Program, a registered customer (hereinafter a “Registered Customer”) means a natural person who has successfully registered on the website and whose participation in the Bonus Program has been confirmed by the Operator.

A Registered Customer’s superior organization is the legal/natural person that the Registered Customer represents in business transactions with the Operator.

The consent of the superior organization to the participation of the Registered Customer in the Bonus Program is confirmed by the registering customer to the Operator during the registration procedure.

The aim of the Bonus Program is to enable a Registered Customer to obtain samples of the Operator’s products without the need for direct financial payment of the price of the samples and shipping costs to the Registered Customer.

A Registered Customer’s possibility to receive a reward from the Operator through the Bonus Program depends on their number of points, while these can be earned by purchasing goods from the Operator. Points earned through the Bonus Program (Bonus Account) are recorded in the Registered Customer’s profile on the Operator’s Internet portal.

A Bonus Program reward can be used for the Operator’s products listed on, where there is information about the point value of each product in the Bonus Program.

The number of Bonus Program points is derived from the value of a Registered Customer’s orders invoiced by the Operator. Points are credited to a participant’s account after the completion of the invoicing for an order.

A Registered Customer must claim the Bonus Program reward no later than the end of January of the year following the year in which the entitlement to the reward arose through the purchase of the Operator’s products (the year in which the entitlement to the Bonus Program reward arose is the year of invoicing of the Registered Customer’s order by the Operator for which the Registered Customer is allocated Bonus Program points). If a Registered Customer does not use their points within the above deadline, the number of unused points will be reduced to 50% of the original number of points.

Points earned under the Bonus Program are non-transferable. If the superior organization of the Registered Customer changes, their Bonus Account is canceled without the possibility of transferring points to a third party.

The Operator may refuse to pay a reward until the payment of all the Operator’s receivables against the superior organization of the Registered Customer that arise from the sale of goods. In the event that a Registered Customer/Registered Customer’s superior organization returns goods to the Operator, the organizer will deduct the corresponding number of points.

The Operator reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the Bonus Program at any time. The Operator will announce the termination of the Bonus Program on a specific date through a notice on the website at least one calendar week before the date of termination of the Bonus Program. After the date of termination of the Bonus Program, points for the purchase of the Operator’s goods will no longer be credited to the point accounts.

A Registered Customer does not have a legal right to a reward through participation in the Bonus Program. A reward cannot be enforced in court.

The Bonus Program Operator is entitled to change the Program Rules at any time, and such change is effective at the moment of its announcement on

The Bonus Program Rules come into force and effect on 22 November 2021.