Production, direct import to distributors and advertising agencies.


A new form of presentation - a full-colour printed paper card in any size and shape, with an inset USB flash drive containing your data. The mini USB flash drive can be removed from the card at any time and used in the standard manner. The data on the drive may also be recorded permanently.

Another version is the so-called WEBKEY - this is a USB key without any capacity, with a pre-set web address. After this is inserted into the port, it directs the customer exactly where you need him.

Interface: 2.0

Capacity: 128MB - 64HB (or without usable capacity for the WEBKEY)

Material for printing: paper, plastic (USB)

Logo: CMYK, pad printing

Dimensions and shape: according to the customer’s instructions

Min. quantity: MOQ 500 - please inquire about smaller quantities