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power bank or external battery, portable charger, etc. is a portable power source for various mobile devices. A power bank is capable of recharging batteries and extending your phone, laptop, tablet, speaker, camera, scanner or electronic cigarette life without requiring a mains supply. You can then recharge the power bank to full capacity from the mains or your PCs USB port.

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POWER BANKS differ mainly in the capacity of the fitted battery, its type and quality, the number of USB ports, number of recharging cycles, recharge speed, design or colour. It is therefore very important to have the required safety protection, i.e. overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit protection All the POWER BANKS we supply are properly tested before being shipped from the factory.

External chargers (whether these are power banks or solar chargers) have their permanent place on the promotional gift market. Nearly everyone uses electronic devices and everyone knows the feeling of having the battery go flat when it is least convenient.

You can now acquire external chargers bearing your logo and distribute to them to your clients, employees, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an offer!