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Silicone wristbands have been a very popular advertising gift to hand out in recent years. An ideal and cheap method of advertising at festivals, concerts, parties, camps, sporting and other public events. A unique souvenir for fans and for children, suitable as a free gift to go with magazines etc. People simply like to wear them :-)

silikonové náramky

Our silicone wristbands are made of 100% silicone, not harmful to human skin. 
We manufacture silicone wristbands in various sizes and colours according to your specifications from the pantone colour palette.
We apply logos or texts to wristbands using various methods according to customer requirements.

Minimum order: 100 wristbands
Delivery date: 2-4 weeks (according to number of wristbands)

You can choose the size of the wristband from the standard sizes given below, or we can manufacture it in a custom size.

Basic types of silicone wristbands:

  • Standard wristband: single colour wristband in colours from the PANTONE colour palette with your logo
  • Segmented silicone wristband (combined, highlights): a mixture of two or more colours according to your specifications
    silikonové náramkysilikonové náramkysilikonové náramky
  • Luminous (phosphorescent) silicone wristband: glows in the dark (best suited for concerts and parties)
    silikonové náramkysilikonové náramkysilikonové náramky
  • Custom shape: originally shaped wristband
    silikonové náramkysilikonové náramkysilikonové náramky
  • Key ring: key ring from a silicone wristband
    silikonové náramky

Wristband branding:

  • PRINTING - printing with 1 or more colours according to your specifications. 
    silikonové náramky
  • DEBOSS – debossing into the silicone wristband.
    silikonové náramkysilikonové náramky
  • EMBOSS – embossing a raised pattern on the silicone wristband. 
    silikonové náramky
  • COLOUR EMBOSS/DEBOSS - embossing or debossing can be coloured according to your requirements. Great durability, great result. The most popular method of printing.
    silikonové náramkysilikonové náramkysilikonové náramky
  • QR CODE - A QR code can be placed on the wristband. Thanks to the QR code, your wristband will carry important information such as an e-mail address, telephone number or link to a website or Facebook etc.
    silikonové náramkysilikonové náramkysilikonové náramky

Individual processes can be combined in one wristband.

Silicone wristband sizes:

  XXL Men’s Women’s Children’s Mini
25 mm
printing even of more complicated logos
210x25x2 mm 202x25x2 mm 190x25x2 mm 180x25x2 mm 160x25x2 mm
12 mm
most common size
210x12x2 mm 202x12x2 mm 190x12x2 mm 180x12x2 mm 160x12x2 mm
6 mm
slim wristbands
210x6x2 mm 202x6x2 mm 190x6x2 mm 180x6x2 mm 160x6x2 mm

We need the maximum amount of information from you in order to be able to send you the best possible offer. This in particular concerns:

  • number of wristbands
  • type and size of wristbands
  • branding - type, complexity and size of branding (or attach the required logo)
  • wristband colours

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to create a graphic design and pricing calculation for you for the required quantity free of charge.

silikonové náramky