Production, direct import to distributors and advertising agencies.


You can find us in Barrandov in Prague, where we have been based since 2016. Back then, our existing offices had begun to feel a bit cramped, so we looked for a larger and more representative base with good transport accessibility, where we could comfortably create all the necessary zones for our expanding team. The ideal place turned out to be the modern premises of a former photo/film studio, which we quickly transformed to suit our ideas and needs.

We have created all the important work and functional zones for meetings, training and presentation, offices and storage. These meet our needs relating to our comprehensive work with customers and the requirements for a pleasant and comfortable work environment for our employees.

We have put special emphasis on building a sufficiently spacious, attractive and inspiring showroom, where we spend most of our time with our clients.

We are located near the Prokopské údolí nature reserve, where we like to go to clear our heads. And sometimes on the way we stop at the great local Prokopák brewery, where they also cook some fantastic food.

We are about 15 minutes from the centre of Prague and 20 minutes from Václav Havel Airport Prague by car. Nearby we have a number of commercial premises and stores, restaurants, the very best ice cream parlour and a water park. Our cycling colleagues can take a shower after they arrive at work, while the cooks among us have a fully equipped kitchen at their disposal! And we can all enjoy great coffee in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

We invite you to visit!