Production, direct import to distributors and advertising agencies.


Important milestones in our history

Our company’s history is begun in 2010 by founder Petr Němec. With the arrival of  Ondřej Petr , we defined our product and service range, providing a clearer concept than the originally wider scope. Our goal is to become a sought-after specialist and the Czech market number one for IT & electronic promotional items.

Both our team and the number of long-term customers grow over the next 2 years, and PROMOTEUS exhibits for the first time at the largest Czech advertising trade fair Reklama – Polygraf. We become regular exhibitors there in the following years. We move to new, larger offices in Prague – Radotín.

In 2014, we print our first specialized catalogue UNIQUE GIFTS & PROMOTION, which becomes very popular, and our current collection becomes an integral part of the advertising market in the following years.

We continue to expand, and open an export department. In January 2016, we head out into the world for the first time – to the PSI advertising trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. We make a great impression among the largest competitors in Europe, and succeed in establishing cooperation with many advertising agencies across Europe. We also become a member of the PSI association. We now publish our catalogue in 3 language versions, and we launch English and German websites.

We move to larger and more modern premises in Barrandov in Prague. Our team is strengthened by another distinctive figure, namely Honza Včelák, who quickly moves from his original position of export manager to become director of the whole store.

We launch our own unique online pricing system the following year.

In  2018, we again successfully exhibit at PSI and subsequently increase our office space to cope with a further expansion to the team.

We head to Düsseldorf and PSI to great success again in 2019, adding Czech trade fairs in Prague and Brno.

As part of our regular trips to our partners and suppliers, we enter into a strategic partnership in China, thereby deepening cooperation and expanding our import capabilities and the degree of participation in new product development.

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic arrives, hampering our development and that of the advertising industry as a whole. Yet we respond quickly, and help our clients remain active in the market by expanding our offer to include medical and protective materials. We work to expand and improve our services and our internal processes.

2022 arrives at last, and we have big plans for it. For starters, we will be launching a new website, including a Slovak language version.