Production, direct import to distributors and advertising agencies.


Our new USB drives are in the PSI NOVELTY BOX - a way to be seen all over Europe


In today’s challenging times, we cannot meet or participate in major European trade fairs. So we have chosen a new way to reach our clients all over Europe. Thanks to the PSI organization, which organizes one of the largest annual trade fairs for promotional items, we can remind customers in an original way that we are still here and fulfilling our role as an electronic gifts innovator.

The PSI Novelty Box is a package of original samples sent to approximately 2,500 advertising agencies throughout Europe. We have placed one of our amazing new items into this package - A METAL USB FLASH DRIVE KEY WITH AN LED LOGO. This means our customers will be able to try out and “touch” the product themselves.

You can also find all our products online through the PSI Product Finder.

You can of course also order a sample USB drive with LED logo, packed in an original ECO box, directly from us, as well as samples of all our other products. Contact us!