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Data upload and USB flash drive duplication

USB flash drives with your data - the most effective presentation available today!

duplikace usb

Loading data onto USB flash drives is the simplest and most effective way to present your company to the customer.

Take advantage of this offer for loading data in a volume of up to 500 MB (0,5 GB) FREE OF CHARGE!!! 
(Only applies to data loaded onto flash drives purchased from our company).
USB flash drives pre-loaded during manufacturing are also exempt from the obligation to pay copyright fees!

We offer the following methods of loading data:

  • Standard loading of data onto a USB flash drive
    Your customer can use data loaded in this manner however they want, whether they want to copy it or delete it.
  • Loading data with protection against deletion
    Data loaded in this manner cannot be deleted from the USB flash drive.
    (only available for USB flash drives loaded during manufacturing).

duplikace usb 

We offer duplication (loading, copying, reproduction) of data in CZ, even subject to express deadlines within 24 hours!

  • USB flash drives from our range
  • USB flash drives provided by you

We work on professional high speed duplicators, thanks to which we are able to prepare orders in record-breaking times!

We do not use other subcontractors for loading data. We work exclusively on our own equipment so our services are very fast and flexible. Your data is also always safe and cannot find its way into unauthorised hands. Quality control of loaded data is of course performed, so your customer cannot be exposed to the risk of an unpleasant surprise when they find out that although there is some data on the USB flash drive, it is partially or even fully non-functional.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for a pricing calculation!