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Our company supplies original USB flash drives intended for printing with a logo Our USB flash drives are used not only as an exceptionally effective promotional item for company customers, but also as a modern and practical USB medium for transferring and distributing your data.

We supply USB Flash drives made from various materials (metal, plastic, wood, leather, PVC, silicone, glass, etc.) Every customer will be able to choose from our range of USB flash drives, we make the cheapest USB flash dries in standard shapes, luxury and design USB flash drives and even unique USB flash drives in your own shape, custom-designed for the customer.

We supply USB flash drives in the standard (interface) USB 2.0 and now also in high-speed USB 3.0. USB 3.0 flash drives can achieve up to ten times the transfer speed compared to the previous generation and are currently a very attractive corporate gift.

We only use high-quality flash chips from certified manufacturers (Toshiba, Intel, Micron, Hynix) for our USB flash drives. We assure high-quality printing of the USB flash drives we supply - pad printing, laser engraving, stamping, full-colour printing (see more HERE). We also assure your company data is recorded (permanently or not) within the terms of full-service, also within express deadlines (within 24 hours).

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  • Starting from 50 pcs
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  • We understand technology

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